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Colours & Crafts

Colours & Crafts

Colours & Crafts

by Mali & Mama

Every child loves exploring different colours, textures, shapes and more. Creativity is even more important than those typical “academic” skills, as without creativity, we risk losing our uniqueness and zest for life. 

One way in which we would encourage you to engage your little one in crafts is by scrapbooking. This is a fantastic way to not only keep their artwork forever, but to also encourage them to feel proud of it (and also be more analytical in choosing work to scrapbook). 

For younger ones, hand and foot prints alone or combined into artwork is great for achieving lovely artwork, as well as letting your child gets very hands on. We also love using lots of different crafting materials, such as textured card, googly eyes (supervised usage), felt, feathers, stickers, 3D crafts and more! Glitter if you dare…


For slightly older children, setting up a theme for the scrapbook is really encouraging, as it helps them to stay engaged and focused with it. For example, seasonal themes, nature based, people based, activity based, etc. If there is something they are particularly passionate about, this could also serve as somewhat as a mood board - great for setting goals and targets! 

No matter what age, crafting is a fantastic way to express individualism.

If you can, we would almost always recommend going outside for crafts as well (unless the weather disagrees!) as we feel that this helps children to connect to nature, feel free, and also can help with the mess! 

Group or family projects on large canvases are amazing if you have the space, money and resources. Check out some local, cheaper craft shops for more affordable resources (we love The Works). 

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