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Kids Education & Digital Resources


Our Journey

Mali & Mama has been set up for you, the parents. We stock a variety of affordable, accessible and high quality resources for you to begin teaching your children from home.

Our Ethos 

Wherever or whenever you want to travel, emigrate, or simply settle down, Mali & Mama want to equip you to teach your kids in a relaxed and fun-filled lifestyle. Do you want to expose them to different cultures, religions and languages? With our digital files, you’re able to print resources for at home learning or even taking around the world, or simply purchase and download while you’re across the globe! Our resources are fantastic for long journeys, quiet spells and on-the-go learning. We strive to create authentic and affordable content which inspires learning through a basis of play and simple formats - avoiding over complicated or stressful methods.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our community of families now and feel welcome regardless of your home resources or financial situation. Our worksheets are designed for YOU!

Because learning begins with you.

Transforming Teaching

Our aim is to empower, inspire and enable you to conquer the challenges of teaching your little one about the world - including all of the facts and figures that go within it.

Catered to your custom learning styles, techniques and methods, we want to encourage you to build your family based on your own beliefs, values and traditions outside of the traditional school system.

Whether your children attend school or not, parents can still take learning into their own hands and break the cycle of mass, whiteboard teaching.

Perhaps your children are struggling with issues at school such as bullying, or don’t receive individualistic support. We want to help you take the leap into a brighter, happier life for them - because homeschooling does not mean that your children will miss out on practicing vital social skills. We actually believe they can learn these far better outside of school, in real life scenarios, clubs and activities.

Your Child’s Personal Development Needs

What are their strengths and weaknesses? What do they enjoy? How can we help you to combine their interests with practical learning techniques?

Taking the leap to teach your children yourself can be daunting, and you may question whether they will listen to you or get distracted by items in the home. With a few simple changes in your own attitude and environment, these are simple fixes which, when kept consistent, can amaze you in ways you always wished for!

The Journey from Parent to Teacher

We want to help you with this journey, which is why we have created and shared our range of resources at such an affordable price. We believe that your financials or background should not restrict you from teaching your child yourself. Simple activities, support and knowledge can transform your child’s brain.

Learning should be playful, fun and focus on joy to maximise your child’s ability to retain information and encourage them to focus, engage and advance within their learning.

How We Got Here

Our company was founded in 2024 by Freya, a mother who wanted to teach her own son through the joys and experiences of real life activities instead of within the traditional school system. With no support, and little money or resources, Freya finally decided to take the leap and launch Mali & Mama after battling legal homelessness, a loss of finances and the desire to not send her son to nursery, preschool or school, for at least his first seven years of life.

The Birth of Mali & Mama

Mali & Mama has been born out of love, respect and compassion for other parents who face any similar circumstances to wanting to homeschool their children. Whether that be full-time, part-time or for a specific subject or period of time. That’s why we have stocked our store with a range of resources in different languages, religions, styles and levels for you.

We also stock some free resources, as well as e-books and guides for teaching or managing life around this lifestyle change.

The Freedom of Learning

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